Expedition Through Cambodia’s Wild East

Get way off the beaten path and experience Cambodia on this in depth expedition to its heart.

Cambodia is a diverse country and time is needed to fully appreciate it. Here you take in the highlights as well as getting out to where only the intrepid visitors travel. Soak up the Mekong River with its unforgettable sunsets, explore the ancient Angkorian ruins at Angkor Wat before venturing deep into the jungles of the east to assist a ranger patrol and protect endangered wildlife. This fully immersive trip has it all.

minority hilltribe relaxing inratanakiri cambodia


Upon arrival at Siem Reap Airport you will be met by our representative at your arrival gate and whisked through customs. Your expert guide will be awaiting you outside, ready to take you on your adventure off the beaten path across Cambodia.


Next you will be driven to the hidden banks of the moat to explore Angkor Thom, where you will board a VIP Gondola boat to cruise the serene waters on a sunset experience. The evening includes wine/ beer and Asian canapés. The boat captain will steer by hand as you sail the ancient waters, viewing the walled temple from afar. A most relaxing and enjoyable experience, you can choose to dock the boat for a prime sunset position, or alternatively disembark and walk up the iron steps to the beautiful ‘corner temple,’ Prasat Chhrung. Gaze at the vista of Cambodian countryside and watch the most stunning sunset in all of Angkor (weather permitting). Walk around this tiny, yet intricate, temple that is almost free of any other people, creating the perfect atmosphere for a romantic and beautiful evening. Sail back slowly to the banks, where you will meet your guide to return you to your hotel for the night.

Accommodation – FCC Angkor by Avani


This morning, depart early with your guide to the majestic west gate of Angkor Wat for sunrise. Angkor Wat (early 12th century) which is surrounded by a 190 metre wide moat 1.5 kilometres by 1.3 kilometres and is claimed to be the largest religious building in the world and is certainly one of the wonders of the ancient world. You will be amazed by the sheer size of the temple, which took 30 years to construct & used the labour of up to 300,000 workers. Angkor Wat was built as the earthly representation of the universe with its’ central tower symbolising Mt Meru which, Hindus believe, is at the centre of the Universe.

As crowds gather, your guide will lead you to the less visited temples of nearby Srah Srang and Ta Prohm. Ta Prohm is one of Angkor’s jewels and is overgrown with fig trees, giving a haunting yet exotic atmosphere. The magnificent roots of the trees have merged over the centuries with the temple’s huge stone blocks, emphasizing a ‘Tomb Raider’ feeling.

This Afternoon, head out by Tuk Tuk to visit the Royal city and former capital of the Khmer Empire; Angkor Thom which consists of several temples. Enter the city through the impressive South Gate and drive towards the Bayon temple. At first glance the temple may seem like a shapeless mass of stone, but further scrutiny reveals enigmatic faces looking into every direction. Continue your exploration with a visit to the Terrace of the Elephants, which served as a platform from where the King viewed the victorious return of his army.

After, visit the Terrace of the Leper King with detailed carvings winding along a narrow passageway that leads to the Baphuon. Slow down the pace mid afternoon and enter a cool Wat to receive a traditional Monk blessing. Later, visit the picturesque Preah Palilay and Pimeanakas.

End the day with an optional visit to see sunset at a special place suggested by your guide

Accommodation – FCC Angkor by Avani


Depart from your hotel early this morning. You will be warmly welcomed by our expert local bird ranger/ guide, they will give introduction about the  migration patterns of birds and then start to walk in the rice field to  see  some  species  of  water birds  and  countryside birds such as;  Asian Openbill,  Spot-billed Pelican, Spot-billed  Duck,  Darter,  Black-winged  Stilts, Little Cormorant,  Common  Moorhen,  Cotton  Pygmy-goose, Lesser  Whistling  Duck,  Spot Billed  Duck,  Little  Grebe, Grey  Heron, Purple  Heron,  Javan  Pond  Heron,  Little Egret,  Intermediate  Egret,  Great  Egret,  Bronze-winged Jacana, Watercock  amongst others. 

Following a snack break your local  guide  will  bring you to the village  of Chreav  where you will receive an  introduction into the local  geography  before beginning the oxcart ride experience.  Along  the  way,  you will see organic vegetable farms,  local  activities,  typical village  stilt  houses, markets and authentic Cambodian living while learning about  Khmer culture, customs  and  traditions.  The Oxcart  tour  will  end  at  a local  house behind Chreav village  where you will be greeted by the family and receive refreshments.

Here you will begin your cooking class in the local home and under the supervision of your expert local chef you will learn how to cook Khmer cuisine by a range of dishes that carefully present the best of local food.

Accommodation – FCC Angkor by Avani


We depart early this morning on our journey north to the Laos border. Along the way we will make a quick visit to the remote pyramid-like temple of Koh ker. Located 130 kilometres from Siem Reap, Koh Ker was built in the 10th century and functioned briefly as the Khmer Empire’s capital between 928 and 944 A.D. The style of the Koh Ker temple is different from any other temple in Cambodia and has more of a resemblance to the ancient pyramids of Egypt. Partially overgrown by the forest and inhabited only by birds, this temple and its surroundings are an exceptional experience.

We continue on passing rural towns and villages along a good road before turning north to the remote border village of Preah Romkel, nestled on the banks of the Mekong River. The village is beginning to emerge as a hotbed of Ecotourism with a focus on the protection of the Irrawaddy Dolphin. This stunning location, right by the largest waterfalls on the lower Mekong River will be sure to leave a lasting impression. 

This afternoon you will board a local longtail boat that will take you out onto the river and through therapids, riffles and swirling pools below the falls to spot the endangered Irrawaddy Dolphins, as they live and hunt in the numerous pools in this area. Take in the magical landscape of jutting rocks and sunken forests with tree roots seeming clinging onto nothing and bent over double due to the water flow in monsoon season. You will reach a viewpoint right on the border of Laos and perhaps your driver will even take you to a viewpoint on the famous 4000 island in Laos.

Later, return back down stream to your overnight camp on an uninhabited island in the middle of the Mekong River. Settle in for the evening in your basic tented accommodation while our team rustles up a delightful evening meal. Take a refreshing dip in the river or sit back with a cold one while the sun descends.

Accommodation – Tented camp on Koh Loan Island in Mekong River


After breakfast, hop on your longtail boat navigating around the scattered islands following the flow of the muddy waters bringing essential nutrients into the Cambodian floodplains. After a while we reach O’Svay Village, characterised by its rich biodiversity starting from mangrove forests, Mekong Islands and river beaches to a variety of different bird species such as the Black Cormorant. Much of this region is Ramsa protected due to its significance to birdlife and is therefore a bird lover’s paradise

This afternoon under the guidance of your local guide you will get to experience the serenity of Kayaking through sunken forests and mangroves spotting wildlife as you go. You may even get to spot some more dolphins. Later if time permits take a hike through the community forest and witness local life along the banks of the river

Your accommodation this evening is a homestay as there are no hotels in this part of cambodia. Your hosts will cook you a delicious organic meal made primarily with locally sourced produce. After Dinner immerse yourself in a traditional dancing performance called a Rom Vong. and before bed listen to some spoken short stories by some of the village elders. Drift off to sleep tonight in your local home surrounded by the sleepy noises of village life under the stars.

Accommodation – Local Homestay in O’Svay Village


We move on today to Ban Lung, the provincial capital of Ratanakiri. This journey was until recently an arduous ride and was tough even on the most seasoned traveller. However, now the road is smooth going all the way. We will arrive in time for lunch at a local restaurant where you can try the local dish “Janang”, an indigenous dish to Ratanakiri, with many restaurants in town providing their own version. It’s an interesting taste consisting of fermented bamboo shoots, meat, corn and an assortment of other local vegetables and certainly worth a try.

This afternoon it’s time for some waterfall hopping, beginning with Cha Ong Waterfall with its pretty crescent cascade, you can clamber around on the rocks behind the water for added fun. Next is Kachanh waterfall, also very pretty with an instagramable rope bridge, but as it’s closer to town it’s more popular with locals picnicking and enjoying themselves. Katieng Waterfall is a quiet spot, interesting and well worth a stop. As the afternoon wears on, what better place to spend the last remaining hours of sunlight other than the infamous and stunning Yeak Laom Lake. This almost spherical crater Lake was formed by a volcanic eruption in ancient times (that subsequently led to the formation of Ratanakiri Mountains), has previously been voted one of the most beautiful lakes on earth and it never disappoints, a perfect place for sunset.

Accommodation – Terres Rouge Lodge


After breakfast take the rural drive out of town north in the direction of Vuen Sai, a small historical riverside village. We trek the last section into the village taking in the beautiful forest and the San river as we go. Board a local ferry boat across the river to a Lao village on the opposite side. Walk along the river bank to a unique chinese village which has been here as a Chinese trading post for more than 100 years, with its shophouses quite out of place. From here we visit a Lao village with an old primarily wooden pagoda.

After a local lunch in the village, we board a local boat up the river to Kachon, a largely animist Tompuon minority village. The scenery along the riverbanks is quite beautiful and gives a feeling of real remoteness. In Tompuon there is an unusual burial ground complete with carvings of their dead. Families are buried next to each other and large elaborate ceremonies are held after the mourning period. After the visit head back to Banlung by dirt road.

Accommodation – Terres Rouge Lodge


We wake in good time today and enjoy a hearty breakfast before heading off on our trekking adventure beginning at the remote town of Ta Veng, accessed by a dirt road. We will head into Virachey National Park today with expert rangers and assist them with their work monitoring poaching and maintaining camera traps for research purposes. Who knows you may even get to spot the semi mythical creature that lurks deep in these forests, the Tek Tek, Southeast Aisa’s bigfoot or Yetti.

Upon reaching Ta Veng we will report to the ranger station and prepare our gear and permissions to depart. Walk along the partly finished promenade to the river bank where we jump on our local longtail boats for the trip up river. The river journey is stunning and remote, with only a few signs of life on the river banks. Before long we head up the smaller Ta Pok river, which is riddled with rapids, but your driver will be able to skillfully navigate over the rocks and up small waterfalls. We reach a village where we will take a basic but filling lunch in a local home prepared by your hosts.

This afternoon we begin our trek deep into Virachey National Park, one of the last wildernesses in the region which extends into Laos and Vietnam. We ascend through plantations close to the village and into thick bamboo forests, watching as the habitat changes as we ascend through the forest. One of the highlights is to walk along a section of the Ho Chi Minh Trail, made famous during the Vietnam war as a supply route from the cummunist north to the South, also one of the primary reasons the US bombed Cambodia so heavily during those troubled times.

After enjoying some scenic viewpoints we make camp for the night, which will be basic tents and hammocks. You’re welcome to assist the team in preparation of dinner tonight. Fall asleep to the sounds of the forest.

Accommodation – Basic Camp in the Jungle


Wake up to the dawn chorus this morning and whilst breakfast is being prepared we break camp and prepare for the day trekking ahead. A full day trek is in store for today, assist and learn from the rangers as they undertake their duties. You will learn how to install camera traps and check for content as well as learn how to spot snares and dismantle them. A picnic lunch will be provided and dinner at the camp for the night if possible this may be on the dramatic Veal Thom grasslands.

Accommodation – Basic camp Jungle Camp


After a second night deep in the forest we wake up early to get underway while the day is still cool. Continue to assist the rangers on their patrol and learn more about the forest from your experienced guide. Eventually we work our way back to the boat and return to civilisation arriving in Banlung in the early afternoon. 

This afternoon you can relax around the pool and perhaps enjoy a foot spa to ease the aches. 

This evening you have the option to join your guide on a food exploration of Banlung markets and eateries. The town is bustling with people in the early evening and there are an array of snacks and unusual foods on offer to excite your appetite. Alternatively you are welcome to chill at your hotel.

Accommodation – Terres Rouge Lodge


Awake today to another beautiful day, after a leisurely breakfast and morning swim we depart on what was until recently an arduous journey that is now a great road to Mondulkiri. Along the way we cross the Tonle Srepok River, said to be the inspiration in the movie Apocalypse Now! Pass through rolling hills and Banana plantations on the approach to Sen Monorom.  

Our first stop is a visit to Bousra Falls, one of the largest waterfalls in Cambodia. Spend some time and have a cooling dip in its clear waters. Here we will stop for a picnic lunch Khmer style in a sit down sala. 

Continue on to Sen Monorom and see the famous Kouprey roundabout and remnants of the old airport before carrying on to a special visit to a tea house bringing back Cambodia’s tea revival thought to have disappeared during the conflicts and economic downturn. There are only 2 major species of tea in the world but there is also Camellia cambodiensis. Take a guided visit around the tea plantation and get to sample Cambodia’s very own tea. Be part of Cambodia’s  “Cambodian Tea Renaissance”.

Accommodation – Breathe Wild


We continue to the beautiful Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary,  Famous for its abundance of primates, Jahoo is home to the globally endangered southern yellow-cheeked crested gibbon. Sheltering more than 25% of the population, it is a global hotspot for this unique species.

Explore one of Cambodia’s last vast areas of unspoilt forest by trekking through Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary in search of critically endangered species that inhabit this lush environment. You will most likely get the chance to see Black-shanked Doucs, Yellow-cheeked Crested Gibbon, Macaques and numerous other bird life and animals along the way. 

The area is inhabited traditionally by the ethnic minority Bunong tribe, we stop by their village to learn more about their daily lives and what it’s like to live in this environment. The trek today can be strenuous at times as the terrain can be steep in places as we follow jungle trails but this will be forgotten as you immerse yourself in nature and absorb the sounds of the forest surrounding you.

Accommodation – Jahoo Gibbon Lodge


Awake before dawn to the sounds of the forest and join wildlife researchers as they head into the forest to track wild gibbons. Upon hearing their piercing song, follow your guides as they track the gibbon family, moving swiftly and silently through the forest undergrowth. As you observe these unique endangered apes, learn about their behaviour as well as the on-going conservation efforts to protect this species at Jahoo.

Return for breakfast at the camp before preparing to explore Bunong culture as you visit a traditional burial and spirit forest to learn about Bunong spiritual beliefs. Traverse through examples of modern and ancient farming practices and witness the transition from traditional swidden agriculture to current practices. Experience the ancient practice of resin tapping and observe other forms of sustainable harvesting of forest resources, traditions that have motivated forest protection for generations.

Discover another stunning jungle waterfall, take a swim in the natural pool, and enjoy lunch at the edge of the forest stream. Take time to relax and enjoy the tranquillity of this exclusive waterfall enjoying incredible views of towering trees and an abundance of butterflies.

Take a gentle trek through the forest on your way back to camp whilst keeping an eye out for wildlife along the way, especially the prehistoric-like greater hornbill and other colourful forest birds.

Return to camp where your guide will return you back to your accommodation in Sen Monorom for the night.

Accommodation – Breathe Wild


Arise to the sounds of the forest and enjoy breakfast before saying farewell to the jungle and taking the morning transfer to Cambodia’s capital city of Phnom Penh. 

Phnom Penh is nowadays a bustling city and its ochre-coloured colonial buildings, bustling squares, trendy cafés, and frangipani-lined boulevards create an atmosphere that is unlike any other city in Southeast Asia. 

Settle in and feel free to explore the city at your leisure, perhaps a stroll along the riverside or a visit to a local market or simply relax by the pool and enjoy a spa at your hotel. 


*Optional Tour*



Zip across the city in a tuktuk and discover the best of Cambodian cuisine at four sit-down local restaurants and one craft beer and cocktail bar. On this adventure you’ll discover Cambodian food throughout history and how deep Cambodian cuisine reaches within Southeast Asian culture. 

Accommodation: Palace Gate Hotel & Resort


Your full day experience today is designed to give you an insight into the horrors of Cambodia’s past, but also a sense of the optimism of its people. Starting early, you’ll begin with the emotive settings of the detention centre S21 at Tuol Sleng and the ‘Killing Field’ of Choeung Ek. Please be aware that the exhibits are, by their very nature, both graphic and disturbing, highlighting the atrocities committed against an entire population during one of the most terrifying periods in Cambodia’s history. 

Have lunch at a local restaurant with a social conscience.

Set out this afternoon, walking to visit the Royal Palace (Women should cover their shoulders and both men and women should wear skirts or shirts covering their knees). The palace was built in 1866 by the French for King Norodom and is also home to the Silver Pagoda, which received its name because its floor is made up of 5,329 silver tiles. The palace has been inhabited by kings at all times with the exception of the period when the radical Khmer Rouge party took control in 1975. Under its leader Pol Pot, the Khmer Rouge seized power and declared ‘year zero’ some of the buildings you are able to enter and explore the interior in more depth while others can only be observed from the outside. Next we walk by the iconic national Museum building and visit some of the art studios nearby before finishing up with a visit to the Central Market in all its art deco glory.

After spending some time to relax at your hotel and freshen up your driver will pick you up for an evening to remember. You will be escorted to the dock where you will board a beautiful boat and cruise the Mekong River with the cambodian Capital as the backdrop. Sit back and relax with a glass of sparkles and dine on the sumptuous food prepared onboard. Later your driver will pick you up and return to your hotel or you have the option to walk back at your own pace.

Accommodation: Palace Gate Hotel & Resort


This morning we say goodbye to Phnom Penh and our expedition. Here you can return to the airport for your onward journey or you can have the option to extend your stay with us and take some time to relax on the beach on some of Cambodia’s beautiful idyllic islands.


16 days


Siem Reap

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Visit minority hill tribes and gain insight into their lives
Explore the temples of Angkor
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