Cambodia in Style

A luxurious trip through Cambodia when money doesn't matter

If you are looking for something really special during your time in Cambodia, then the following itinerary showcases some of the ‘wow’ factor experiences that can be easily customized to suit your tailor-made itinerary as your journey through the country.

Angkor Wat Tour

Upon arrival in Siem Reap you will be welcomed at the airport with a traditional Chhayam Khmer Dance, before meeting your guide and transferring to your hotel in the city.

In the early evening our guide will come to meet you at your hotel and escort you on your first great experience in Siem Reap.


This afternoon, around 4:15pm, you will be met at your hotel by your guide and driver who will drive to the hidden banks of the moat to explore Angkor Thom, where you will board a VIP Gondola boat to cruise the serene waters on a sunset experience. The evening includes wine/ beer and Asian canapés. The boat captain will steer by hand as you sail the ancient waters, viewing the walled temple from afar. A most relaxing and enjoyable experience, you can choose to dock the boat for a prime sunset position, or alternatively disembark and walk up the iron steps to the beautiful ‘corner temple,’ Prasat Chhrung. Gaze at the vista of Cambodian countryside and watch the most stunning sunset in all of Angkor (weather permitting). Walk around this tiny, yet intricate, temple that is almost free of any other people, creating the perfect atmosphere for a romantic and beautiful evening. Sail back slowly to the banks, where you will meet for your journey back into Siem Reap town, at approximately 6:30pm. 


Next, we journey to the perimeter of the city to visit Theam’s Gallery. Theam is one of Cambodia’s most famous and revered artists. Here you will feel like a guest in a private home, as the story of Theam’s life and passions unfold. Visit the galleries and real art spaces and interact with the talent. Be sure to visit their shop which is stacked full of one of a kind gifts. Theam’s Gallery will be the location of your private dinner and entertainment this evening. Prior to dinner you will have a private showing of Angkor’s Temples De-coded, a one-hour interactive show that helps you use your personal, religious and financial powers to build an impressive monument to your reign. You need to cement alliances, raise taxes, hire a good architect and choose a site. And don’t forget the budget for the opening party. Using a large interactive model, live sketching and video projections, the team helps you plan your kingdom. 


During your dinner you will be amazed by the talents of the acrobats from the famous Phare Circus who work mainly with disadvantaged young people. They learn circus skills, theatre performance, music and a range of visual arts. It combines local traditions with new creative and innovative genres. Daring athleticism is combined with stories that speak powerfully to Cambodia’s not-too-distant history; for example, escape from tyranny is depicted through tightrope walking. The dark subject of a young girl trying to deal with memories of atrocities, is depicted by breathtaking acrobatics in which seemingly impossible goals are achieved. More than simply a circus, Phare is an amazing blend of traditional and modern theatre, music, dance, acrobatics, juggling and contortion beautifully choreographed and performed in a story about Cambodian lives and society. 

Stay at 5 star Luxurious Phum Baitang, Siem Reap


This morning depart at 7:30am (timing remains flexible) to visit to Angkor Wat, one of the modern wonders of the world. You will be guided around by one of the foremost archeological experts on the Angkor temples. Be amazed by the sheer size of the temple and learn how the Khmer Empire prospered between the 9th and 13th centuries, around the time when Angkor Wat was built. Stroll through the intricately carved hallways that show hundreds of fine carvings and discover small shrines still in use today by the local people.


Later this morning, meet with our World Monuments Fund expert archeologist at the top of Phnom Bakheng’s hill for an educational insight into temple restoration, in particular Phnom Bakheng. We have exclusive access, be invited behind the scenes (off limits to the general public) to one of the camps dining tables, where you can oversee the sites progress. Once settled, be briefed by your expert host on the history of the WMF organization and its work in Angkor, as well as the uncovered temples’ history and religious importance. 

See the archeologist’s personal photos taken over their many years on the project, before walking up to the temple’s terraces and taking a closer look at the ancient craftsmen’s work. If visiting on a working day, you’ll have the chance to see the team at work restoring the temple. 

Discuss the sustainability and the impact of tourism with the archaeologist, as well as the challenges faced during the project. This is a truly unique experience and ideal for those wishing to dig deep into the archaeology behind this magnificent structure.


Return to your hotel for relaxation and a leisurely lunch.



Visit to Angkor Thom Temple, the ancient royal city of the Khmer Empire with its centrepiece; the Bayon temple. As you approach, you will notice the enigmatic faces of former King Jayavarman VII facing in every direction. Your expert guide will take you to the Terrace of the Elephants, which served as a platform from where the King could welcome back his victorious army and the Terrace of the Leper King, which holds detailed carvings winding along a narrow passage way that leads to the Baphuon complex.


Continue by vehicle to Ta Prohm Temple (made famous by the movie Tomb Raider) – one of Angkor’s jewels which is overgrown with fig trees and lush jungle, giving a haunting yet exotic atmosphere. The magnificent roots of the trees have merged over the centuries with the temple’s huge stone blocks, emphasizing a ‘forgotten city’ feeling. The temple was built by King Jayavarman VII to commemorate his mother. Take your time to walk through the temple from the East entrance to the West entrance (walk 1-2 km) where your vehicle will be waiting to return you to your hotel.


This evening take the time to relax at your hotel and perhaps enjoy a spa, alternatively you may wish to get adventurous and head out to explore the nightlife of Siem Reap and its famed Pub Street.

Stay at 5 star Luxurious Phum Baitang, Siem Reap


Today you will leave the hustle and bustle of Siem Reap and embark on a Helicopter adventure to the north heading into one of the more remote provinces of Cambodia, which until relatively recently was an arduous journey over pothole ridden tracks. Preah Vihear Temple gives its name to the province in which it is now located. As you make your way to the temple in the clouds you will pass over beautiful countryside, villages and small towns where locals go about their daily lives far removed from the ever growing Siem Reap. Upon reaching the landing site near the temple you will transfer by enclosed pickup truck up the steep track to the temple at the top, your vehicle will take you past the checkpoint and directly to the temple. Spend time to soak up the atmosphere and through your expert archaeology guide learn a little more about the history of this awe inspiring temple. You will break for a picnic brunch and refreshments. Preah Vihear received UNESCO World Heritage status in 2008 and rightly so, it has to be one of the most dramatically located temples on earth, situated high on the Danrek Mountains on a sheer precipice overlooking the planes of Thailand below. The temple itself has a troubled history and still bears the scars left by fierce fighting, as recently as 2011. The temple lies on a disputed area of land right on the border and both Thailand and Cambodia claim rights to it. Fantastic Views can be enjoyed of both Thailand and the flat rice growing areas of Cambodia. 

Next we head to Koh Ker temple with its uniquely Pyramid shape making it very distinctive, you will have time to explore this seldom visited temple with your expert archaeology guide before enjoying a light picnic lunch next to the temple. Depart back to town taking with you memories you will never forget.

Stay at 5 star Luxurious Phum Baitang, Siem Reap


After a leisurely morning You will be guided today in a tuk tuk by a long term Siem Reap resident and gallery curator to gain a deep insight in to the artists working in Siem Reap and where they find their inspiration. You will visit a number of galleries in town and an haute couture design shop to go behind the scenes into some of the Artists personal studios and homes to meet the artists themselves. This is much more than an art discovery but a journey of personal discovery of what is happening in Cambodia’s art scene at present through the personal stories of those driving it. 


This evening at 7pm you will be collected by your escort guide and taken to enjoy the highlight of any trip, the magical and mysterious private dinner at an Angkor temple. This is truly a one of a kind experience and not to be missed. Our skilled team will provide you with a sumptuous meal fully catered including free flow wine and beer.

Stay at 5 star Luxurious Phum Baitang, Siem Reap

Depart on your morning flight to Siem Reap. Once in Phnom Penh meet with an expert linguist and historian who will be your chaperone for today.


Today, you have a Royal Appointment with Her Royal Highness, Princess Sita Norodom. You will dine with the princess in the private Crystal room, Phnom Penh where she resides, you will be given rare and precious time with the daughter of the Queen, who was in power during the 1940s until the Khmer Rouge usurped power, and they were given asylum in Paris. Learn about her Mother, the most famous and beautiful Apsara, Norodom Buppha Devi, Royal Highness Samdech Reach Botrei Preah Ream Norodom Buppha Devi the Royal Ballet Dancer. Hear the fascinating stories about architects, musicians and film stars who flocked to Phnom Penhs thriving scene. The people entertained, and the transformational development Cambodia both pre and post War. Learn about her time growing up in the Palace, and what life as the most powerful in Cambodia is like today. Princess Sita welcomes her guests warmly and openly, leaving you free to ask any questions in a truly informal style. There is no rehearsed speech, it is truly a private audience for you to engage fully. This appointment will engage and enrich your knowledge in a way a historian cannot; directly from the vision and memory of Cambodian Royalty both past and present.


It’s time to explore this charming city which boasts a rich blend of Khmer and colonial architecture.  Begin with a visit to the Royal Palace, one of the most striking buildings in the capital and considered as some of the finest examples of Khmer architecture. You will be guest of honour during this exclusive visit with a Royal family member with a private talk in the family’s private chambers, normally off limits to the public. You will have the chance to hear their story and ask questions about what life is really like as a member of the Cambodian Royal family.


This evening you will be transferred through the streets of Phnom Penh to the Black Box Theatre. Here, during an exclusive performance, you will experience first-hand how contemporary Khmer artists use their unique heritage to bring new life and beauty to the modern world through an intimate and original creative performance recital from one of the country’s most famous Arts Ensembles. Find out why this Ensemble’s iconic founder has been described as “an innovator who has extended the realm of Cambodian ballet.” 

The rest of this evening is yours at leisure to relax at your hotel for dinner or take time to go and explore some of the nightlife in bustling Phnom Penh.

Stay at 5 star Luxurious Raffles Le Royal, Phnom Penh


This morning we will head out of town to a quiet island in the Mekong. For the more adventurous we can offer bicycles, alternatively we will transfer to the short ferry crossing by vehicle. Once on the island we will hop in a tuk tuk to discover the ‘Island of Silk’. Your guide for the day is a local Khmer who will showcase her home, known as Silk Island. As a child, she grew up on the island dreaming about the city life. Having spent many years learning creative arts and cooking, she moved back to Silk Island, appreciating the beauty and simplicity as the key to life. 

Today, she will showcase the very best of this quaint, charming island and embark on a tour of its history, philanthropy and of course, its food.

Visit the most famous temple on the island, see the spectacular artwork and painting on the temple ceilings, see the monks, both young and old during prayers and some of their new artwork using recycled goods that is crucial to a small island and their high standing to be able to push this forward. See Khmer history depicted by many statues and sculptures outside the main temple and proudly on display nearby are the islands three long tail boats that have won the annual boat race on the Tonle Sap at the Pchum Ben festival. You may have chance to partake in a water blessing.

Koh Okhna Tei School is situated in the grounds of the temple. We visit the school where your host went to as a child, go inside the classroom to meet the teacher and the children and sing a song with them. We make a donation to the school from each tour, not money but pens, pencils and books to ensure the children directly benefit.

At the Silk Farm you have the opportunity to witness the entire process of silk making from the larvae to the worm, then cocoon stage and into rough silk before it is treated, and set for weaving and watch all the way through to the finished product. The Silk Farm have an appointed guide to take you through the exact details of each stage and if you are looking for a souvenir there is a gift shop with the finished items. However you will also have the change to visit a local home and try your hand a weaving as well as sample silks directly from the artisan. 

At the rural family home on the island, your host will pick some of the ingredients from the garden for lunch. After a morning on exploring the island we will take a short boat ride back to the mainland and transfer to your next unforgettable experience.


Later we head to a traditional Khmer wooden house enjoying the cool breeze on the banks of Mekong River, led by one of Cambodia’s leading chefs who is at the forefront of keeping traditional cooking practices and recipes alive in Cambodia. This is a house of Chef Nak, it located in a beautiful rural setting surrounded by palm trees, it is here that we will learn how to create incredible Cambodian dishes. There will be a cooking demonstration to discover the secrets of Cambodian cuisine then you can relax as your hosts will spend the evening cooking delectable dishes and preparing cocktails while you enjoy the pool and gardens. 

Stay at 5 star Luxurious Raffles Le Royal, Phnom Penh


Phnom Penh was once known as the “Pearl of Asia”, one of the loveliest French-built cities in Indochina. After the Khmer Rouge regime, the city was sadly left a shadow of its former self. Nowadays with the onset of a burgeoning middle young middle class, the city is once again a vibrant, growing capital. Spend some time learning more about the turbulent Khmer Rouge years with a visit to Tuol Sleng, a high school turned interrogation prison known as S-21 during the Khmer Rouge era and now a genocide museum where thousands were tortured and few survived. 


After your visit you will be transferred with your guide out of the city to the airport where you will hop in a helicopter for a trip to your destination for the next couple of nights deep in the Cambodian Jungle. Shinta Mani Wild is one of the most exclusive Lodges in the region if not the world. You will be welcomed by your butler who will drive you further into the jungle by way of an ex-military jeep. Next you get to take a zipline directly into the bar at the lodge where you will be met by your welcoming hosts with a glass of bubbles, lunch will be served shortly after. 

The rest of your afternoon is free to relax and enjoy your new peaceful surroundings. Indulge in a spa or take a dip in the unique swimming pool or plunge into a waterfall. Alternatively relax at and watch the world go by from your stunning tented lodgings, with all the amenities you would wish for.

Stay at 5 star Luxurious Shinta Mani Wild, Cardamom Mountains

Relax or take the option to join one of the many inspiring trips around the area run by the lodge. Activities range from a boat trip up a quiet jungle river where you can relax with a swim, Kayak or watch the local wildlife along the way. Another highlight is a walk through the forest to learn about the rangers roles within the community, what their patrol consists of, such as removing snares. There is a chance you may even spot elephant tracks along the way.

Stay at 5 star Luxurious Shinta Mani Wild, Cardamom Mountains


Relax over breakfast and perhaps indulge in a Spa before heading out of the jungle to your awaiting chopper that will transfer you seamlessly to your stunning private Island Resort by the sea, here you can rest in the knowledge that the concierge is only a call away.

Stay at 5 star Luxurious Song Saa Private island


Free time at your leisure on the island to relax and enjoy many of the facilities they provide or kick back and immerse yourself in Island life from your stunning pool suite room, overlooking the ocean. 

Stay at 5 star Luxurious Song Saa Private island


Free time at your leisure on the island to relax and enjoy many of the facilities they provide or kick back and immerse yourself in Island life from your stunning pool suite room, overlooking the ocean. 

Stay at 5 star Luxurious Song Saa Private island


Today you will say farewell to your beautiful Island retreat and depart the island on their speedboat to the Mainland before taking a short transfer to the Airport for your onward flight.


12 days


Siem Reap

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Take exhilarating helicopter rides
Visit artisans and artists personal studios
Indulge in a private temple dinner
Spend a day with Cambodian Royalty
An exclusive home hosted dinner and cooking class
Stay in a luxurious tent at Shinta Mani Wild
Explore the lush Jungles of Cambodia
relax with a spa treatment in your over water pool villa

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