Wildlife & Nature

Get off the beaten path to visit rare and beautiful flora and fauna in Cambodia's remote region's

Cambodia is wealth to an abundance of rare wildlife and stunning nature. It is home to a diverse variety of habitats ranging from vast swathes of lush jungle to remote grasslands, river valleys and coastal islands. Cambodia’s Animals are certainly shy and inhabit some of the more difficult to reach places, however great efforts have been made in recent years to protect them after years of war and bring them back. These animals include the pileated gibbon, Siamese crocodile, Bintang, Pangolin, Gaur and the Asian Elephant to name just a few Megafauna. Cambodia’s big 5 are made up of birds, with some endangered species calling Cambodia home, these are the critically endangered Giant Ibis and White-shouldered Ibis and three declining vulture species: White-rumped, Slender-billed, and Red-headed. Through our highly skilled guides we can show you the best locations to view these magnificent animals. Alas, in recent years no one has seen our namesake and Cambodia’s National Animal, the Kouprey.
Irrawaddy mekong Dolphins swimming in the mekong river at Kampi in cambodia, you can see the arch of their backs. Photo by Matt Walker
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14 days
minority hilltribe relaxing inratanakiri cambodia
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16 days
An Expedition through Cambodia in true explorer style
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