Trekking Waterfalls and Lingas

An authentic day trek to one of the most beautiful areas in Siem Reap

Kulen Mountain is considered the birth place of the ancient Khmer Civilisation and a revered site. Today you have the opportunity to trek through the deep jungle and to swim in a beautiful cool waterfall. A visit to the fascinating river of one thousand linga’s will leave you amazed at what was accomplished back when the empire was at its peak.

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Experience Details

Located 60km north of Angkor Wat, the Phnom Kulen mountain range provides Siem Reap with its lifeblood, water and dominates the skyline of the flat plains surrounding it. Although the highest peak of the mountain range lies at only 487m, The Cambodian people regard the site as the birthplace of the ancient Khmer Empire. King Jayavarman II claimed independence from Java there in 802 A.D. Travel in the morning through the countryside to Phnom Kulen, stop at Wat Preah Ang Choub where the secret holy water emerges from the ground at the foot of a large Buddha statue.

This is where we begin our trek up the mountain for about 8 Km through the jungle to the waterfall, take a stroll around the area with your guide and venture off the beaten track to take in the impressive forest and scenery. Visit the River of One Thousand Lingas, this is where the people go to wash their body and to receive good luck in life, continue to visit the eight meter tall statue of a reclining Buddha​ on the top of the highest mountain, then its back to the waterfall to enjoy your lunch and take a relaxing dip in the cooling Phnom Kulen waterfall.

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Enjoy a refreshing dip in a cool waterfall.
Trek off the beaten path through deep jungle
Visit the River of a Thousand Lingas and learn about their historical and religious significance

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