Private Visit with Specialist from World Monuments Fund

An in-depth visit to the temples with a WMF specialist

We provide exclusive behind the scenes access to one of Angkor’s most famous temples, Bakheng, this experience is privatised just for you. During the visit you will be hosted by the specialist leading the project who will present the restoration project in detail from their own experiences.

World montments Fund restoration of Bakheng temple siem reap cambodia sunset temple

Experience Details

Meet with our World Monuments Fund (WMF) specialist at the top of Phnom Bakheng’s hill for an educational insight into temple restoration, in particular Phnom Bakheng. We have exclusive access, be invited behind the scenes (off limits to the general public) to the live working site, where you can oversee the sites progress. Once settled, be briefed by your expert host on the history of the WMF organization and its work in Angkor, as well as the uncovered temples’ history and religious importance.

See the archaeologist’s personal photos taken over their many years on the project, before walking up to the temple’s terraces and taking a closer look at the ancient craftsmen’s work. If visiting on a working day, you’ll have the chance to see the team at work restoring the temple. Discuss the sustainability and the impact of tourism with the specialist, as well as the challenges faced during the project. This is a truly unique experience and ideal for those wishing to dig deep into the archaeology behind this magnificent structure.

When taking part in your visit a donation goes towards continuing the project and aids in the successful restoration of this prized temple site.

Note; Photos on this page are credited to World Monuments Fund

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Exclusive private access behind the scenes.
Visit a live temple restoration project.
Expert lead tour sharing their own experiences and answering questions.

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