Meditate among the Sanga

Meditate in the peaceful surrounds of a pagoda

Along with your meditation expert you will experience serene calm under the banyan tree in a real pagoda, with only gentle gongs and chanting from the monks to keep you company.

Meditation among the Sanga

Experience Details

This morning you will be transferred to a working pagoda where you will meet your team. They will welcome you with a fresh detoxifying drink before beginning your guided mediation in a secluded spot with only the monks chanting and the breeze blowing through the leaves of a nearby banyan tree for company. Immerse yourself for an intense experience with the aid of your mentor. After you will be presented with healthy snacks before departing. Perhaps follow this activity with an afternoon spa session for maximum relaxation.

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Guided meditation with a qualified practitioner.
Enjoy a detoxifying welcome drink.
Take meditation within a working pagoda with monks nearby

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