Lunch with Royalty

A date with a Princess, Find out more about the life of a Cambodian Royal Family member

Enjoy lunch with a Cambodian Princess. Dine on Royal quisine in exclusive surrounds in one of Cambodia’s top hotels while you learn more about what life is like as part of the Cambodian Royal family through the stories of Princess Sita Norodom.

Lunch with Royalty

Experience Details

Today, you have a Royal Appointment with Her Royal Highness, Princess Sita Norodom. You will dine with the princess in the private Crystal room, Phnom Penh where she resides, you will be given rare and precious time with the daughter of the Queen, who was in power during the 1940s until the Khmer Rouge usurped power, and they were given asylum in Paris.

Learn about her Mother, the most famous and beautiful Apsara, Norodom Buppha Devi, Royal Highness Samdech Reach Botrei Preah Ream Norodom Buppha Devi the Royal Ballet Dancer.

Hear the fascinating stories about architects, musicians and film stars who flocked to Phnom Penhs thriving scene. The people entertained, and the transformational development Cambodia both pre and post War. Learn about her time growing up in the Palace, and what life as the most powerful in Cambodia is like today.

Princess Sita welcomes her guests warmly and openly, leaving you free to ask any questions in a truly informal style. There is no rehearsed speech, it is truly a private audience for you to engage fully.This appointment will engage and enrich your knowledge in a way a historian cannot; directly from the vision and memory of Cambodian Royalty both past and present.

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Spend time with a Cambodian Princess.
Enjoy a private dining experience in one of Cambodia's top hotels
Find out more about what its like to be a member of the Cambodian royal family

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