Jojia the Art of Healing

Discover how the movement of Jojia has the power to heal

Join Sophiline to learn the centuries’ old secrets of Jojia and to learn how movement can heal. Each session demonstrates the restorative power of Jojia.

Jojia the Art of Healing

Experience Details

Since the Angkorian times, Cambodia’s renowned classical dance has been beseeching peace and spirituality through movement. Now, Sophiline Cheam-Shapiro, one of her culture’s most celebrated contemporary artists and a master teacher of the art of Cambodian dance, has developed a unique learning experience to introduce you to the regenerative practice of Cambodian dance and movement to others. Today you will get to participate and experience this ancient art of healing. Sophiline is a member of the first generation to revive the art form in the aftermath of genocide. She speaks fluent English and will bring you into a world of peace and joy.

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Learn from the artists more about the perfection of their art.
Sophiline Cheam-Shapiro, master instructor and top choreographer, teaches your class.
Experience the gentle and peaceful side of the Khmer culture

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