Family Arts and Crafts Adventure

Spin your own ceramic gem on the potters wheel

The perfect family activity after spending time exploring the vast temples. Wind down a little with a fascinating tuition into the history and creation of Khmer ceramics. through an experienced craftsman you will get to learn the history and even try your hand at making your own unique pottery on the potters wheel.

Family Arts and Crafts Adventure

Experience Details

Family adventure, for adults and/ or children of 5 years and upwards to relax and enjoy! Khmer Ceramics, the ancient art defining the Temples and adorning their walls has long been part of Cambodian history, and the intricacy and mystery around how such ceramic & brick work was carried out from Angkorian times to now, is told to you in this morning, or afternoon class!

Today, the renaissance of this art form, by Khmer Ceramics & Fine Arts Centre is contributing to the educational, social and economic development of Cambodia in general and disadvantaged communities in particular. Through employing nearly 100 people, providing on-the-job training and opportunities for local families, women and people with disabilities, Khmer Ceramics & Fine Arts Centre ensures that no individual is excluded from this ongoing ceramic art revival.

You will be picked up from your hotel, to make the short journey to the Khmer Ceramics class, where you will personally meet with one of the craftsmen together, and will walk you through the history of how the bricks were thought to have been made, during Temple Times, showcasing the modern art as it is today, in a small display. Then you will each have your turn to become the Potter, at your very own Potter’s wheel.

Working with the instructor (who may be deaf, or have a bodily disability as in keeping with this NGO – but still a very highly skilled craftsman) they will guide you how to create your own masterpiece. You will be given the opportunity to create many different pieces, or simply just to play and develop your skills, with up to 5 different attempts of fresh clay, ready to be formed into the next creation! Once the pottery class is finished, you will then move onto the painting section and all have the opportunity to paint an already fired ceramics piece, adding your own flair & creativity together, under the craftsman watchful eye and assistance.

Your class will be sure to be fun, informal and a great way to view Siem Reap differently, through the work Khmer Ceramics undertake in the community, from the development of beautiful handmade ceramics and painted items, which are now sold all over the world. You will be given a Ceramics Souvenir to take home!

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Learn how to create and paint your own unique piece of pottery.
Support the NGO and workers who are employed here by way of your visit.
Learn the history of ceramics making in Cambodia with a craftsman.

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