Experience Khmer Salt & Pepper

Cambodian Salt & Pepper is some of the best in the world join us to taste the difference

Referred to locally as “Cambodian Gold.” Whether up in the lush green mountain ranges, or down at the oceans edge, these local delicacies have become world famous.

Close up of Cambodian woman sorting kampot pepper in cambodia, rugged hands

Experience Details

This experience will give you great insight into the production and harvesting of two of Cambodia’s greatest exports. Visiting the salt fields, you will take in the vastness of the marsh land, as it meets the sea where you will experience the life of a salt field worker as they thoroughly comb the land to create the delicate crystals. An immersive rural and local experience, learn as the workers proudly show you their trade. As far as the eye can see, there are perfectly created mounds of fresh sea salt being gathered up and prepared for processing.

As you explore the land and the water of the salt fields, you will gain understanding about the work that goes into creating something we daily take for granted. Then, we have a change of scenery as we venture to the pepper plantations, set high up on the hillside with a beautiful view over the coastline. it is a world away from the salt plantation. Resembling wineries, fresh peppercorn is grown in rows, the distinct smell almost tingling your taste buds. Walk and talk with the local growers who will educate you on the cultivation and harvesting of this precious commodity, that is Cambodian Kampot Pepper. Learn about the historical evolution of the pepper industry, as you relax in the countryside and take in the magnificent views.

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Explore one of the lesser visited areas of Cambodia as part of this rural experience
Visit the famous salt fields of Kep
Experience and learn the exquisite art of pepper production

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