Dining with Elephants

Savour your lunch amidst the elephants

A once in a lifetime experience to dine with elephants as they wonder around and forage near you and enjoy their forest home. A unique experience in Cambodia

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Experience Details

Elephants are rare in Cambodia due to years of war and neglect, thankfully there are some excellent sanctuaries set up to preserve them. Just a one hour drive away from Siem is the beautiful Kulen Elephant Forest where these massive pachyderms are able to enjoy their retirement and roam free. This morning you will have the chance to greet them and feed them healthy snacks before taking a walk with them through the forest, watching their behaviour and beginning to recognize their individual characters.

Elephants also love to frolic in water, and you are able to watch them play and submerge themselves trumpeting with delight. The morning culminates in the highlight of the day, we will provide a picnic in a clearing where you will be able to dine amongst the elephants who will remain foraging next to you. Its a rare opportunity to spend such quality time with these gentle giants.

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Enjoy lunch with Elephants as they forage nearby
Walk with the elephants through the lush forest
Feed Elephants healthy snacks and watch them play in the pool

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