Countryside Cycling Adventure

An adventure in historic, rural Battambang

Today you will hop on your bike for a gentle ride through true Cambodian countryside. Through your local guide you will meet local people and learn about their traditions and culture as well as experience lunch in a family home.

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Experience Details

Venture off the beaten path today with your local guide on a gentle, scenic cycle through the rural Cambodian countryside around Battambang, one of cambodia’s largest yet most atmospheric and historical cities. It’s not long until you are out of the city street and meandering down country lanes passing small wooden housed villages. You will have the opportunity to meet families in a predominantly Muslim village and learn about their traditions and everyday lives. Through your guide you can learn more about Khmer traditional houses and village life.

You have a unique opportunity to experience lunch in a family home, here you can eat with the family in a traditional manner. later visit a Buddhist temple and learn about monastic life and traditions. Along the way meet an ex-solider who is now a healer, hear stories about his life. The whole day promises to be a very memorable experience.

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Support a local social enterprise
Provides jobs to local people
meet an ex-soldier

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