Bokor Mountain with French linguist & Khmer Expert

A thrilling and insightful journey by jeep

Take an ex army jeep up to Bokor mountain and surrounds to learn about the colonial period through until present times with an French historian and lingust

Bokor Mountain with French lingust and Khmer Expert

Experience Details

For those fascinated with colonial history and the historical development of Cambodia over time along with the outside influences affecting its often turmulous course, today will have you spellbound.

You will be joined today by a long term resident of Cambodia and expert in its history. We will focus on the colonial development of Cambodia and how that that resulted in the events of the last 100 years. We will explore the sleepy seaside town of Kep, formally a popular french destination with many old mansions still evident, you will gain a special insight into what life was like here.

After exploring the pretty riverside town of Kampot with its tree lined boulevards you will head up to bokor mountain for an indepth look at this fascinating hill and the complex histoy surrounding it. Today will be complemented with a sumptuous lunch and a glass of bubbles on the mountain.

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Gain a unique insight into the history of this region from your expert guide.
Learn about the significance of the bokor hill station.
Enjoy a private adventure in a wartime jeep to the top of the mountain.

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