Culinary & Crafts

Experience Traditional Khmer Food and Crafts!

Cambodia is steeped in history with an ancient culture stretching back thousands of years, even before the great Khmer Empire which once dominated the region. There are a wealth of culinary delights largely undiscovered by outsiders, the majority you will not find in any of the tourist restaurants. Its also not well known that Khmer food has had a huge influence on the cuisine of its neighbours. Khmer cuisine is all about balance of flavours and uses a range of ingredients to achieve this. Popular dishes also change between provinces, so the more you travel the more there is to experience. Our love of food has allowed us to put together some of the very best foodie experiences available in the Kingdom of Wonder.


In equal measure, Cambodian artisans are seeing a revival of long standing artisanal crafts despite the disruption caused by years of civil war and the horrors of the Khmer Rouge. Cambodia produces some of the worlds best silks and laquerware, as well as stone and wood carving villages where families make it their livelihood. In more recent years foreigners have also chosen Cambodia as a home to develop their creative flare, with famous artists, jewelers and photographers adding to the vibrant scene.