The Meanders Of The Mekong

Irrawaddy mekong Dolphins swimming in the mekong river at Kampi in cambodia, you can see the arch of their backs. Photo by Matt Walker

This journey takes in Cambodia’s highlights whilst really getting off the beaten path to create an unforgettable adventure following in the footsteps of those late, great explorers who first visited the region and explored the Mekong River to its fullest. You will witness how the river ebbs and flows change as you trace its path […]

Experience Khmer Salt & Pepper

Close up of Cambodian woman sorting kampot pepper in cambodia, rugged hands

This experience will give you great insight into the production and harvesting of two of Cambodia’s greatest exports. Visiting the salt fields, you will take in the vastness of the marsh land, as it meets the sea where you will experience the life of a salt field worker as they thoroughly comb the land to […]

Bokor Mountain & Kampong Trach Exploration

Old abandoned church bokor mountain, Kampot Cambodia

Situated along the coast line between Sihanoukville and Kep, journey 50 km to the top of one of the highest mountains in Cambodia, Bokor. Meaning the “Back of the Ox,” this beautiful landscape is home to a former French Colonial resort, where decadence prevailed in its heyday of the 1920s. Most famous for the now […]

Private Moonlight Dining

private moonlight destination dining Kep Cambodia

Tonight you will be taken from your hotel to a special location with a private oceanview where you and your loved one will dine in decadence with a team of staff catering for your every need. After being welcomed with a glas of bubbles there will be a selection of drinks to choose from to […]

Bokor Mountain with French linguist & Khmer Expert

Bokor Mountain with French lingust and Khmer Expert

For those fascinated with colonial history and the historical development of Cambodia over time along with the outside influences affecting its often turmulous course, today will have you spellbound. You will be joined today by a long term resident of Cambodia and expert in its history. We will focus on the colonial development of Cambodia […]