About Kouprey Adventures

Your Cambodian Journey Starts Here.

Mission Statement

To present the very best that Cambodia has to offer and to over deliver in everything we do. Our experienced and dedicated on the ground team will curate exceptional experiences and deliver them with our own unique personal touches to create seamless exotic journeys. From our guests first enquiry until they return home they can have confidence in our exceptional care and commitment.

Our Story

Kouprey adventures was founded in 2015 by an international team of experienced tourism professionals whom having led, operated, and designed intrepid and authentic journeys for many of the world’s most luxurious and well know brands to start their own journey to deliver extraordinary experiences to clients worldwide with authentic connections to Khmer culture, people and destinations while practicing sustainable practices that benefit our destinations, our community and our planet.

The Kouprey (គោព្រៃ)

A kouprey (Bos sauveli), is a wild, forest-dwelling bovine species (type of Forest Ox) found mainly in northern Cambodia, but also believed to exist in southern Laos, western Vietnam, and eastern Thailand. It became known to zoologists in 1937. The mystery surrounding the kouprey makes it so compelling and makes it a point of fascination by interested parties around the world, such is the allure of this mysterious creature that is is now the national animal of Cambodia…and the name of our Company! Koupreys are believed to be a close relative to both the aurochs and the gaur. A very large ungulate, the Kouprey can approach similar sizes to the wild Asian water buffalomeasuring 2.1 to 2.3 m along the head and body,a 1 m tail, and stand 1.7–1.9 m high at the shoulder. Their weight is reportedly from 680 to 910 kg (1,500 to 2,010 lb). There are estimated to be fewer than 250 kouprey left in the world. There is some speculation on whether or not they are already extinct. These low numbers are attributed to uncontrolled hunting by locals and soldiers for meat, horns and skulls for use in traditional Chinese medicine, in conjunction with diseases introduced from cattle and loss of habitat due to agriculture and logging activity. Also, domestic livestock in the area could have introduced disease into the population.

Booking Process

1) Upon initial enquiry we will be delighted to arrange a phone call or video chat or an email consultation so we can learn more about your preferred travel style, interests, budget and other preferences.

2) Trip outline delivered within 48hours with estimated “from” budget, possible hotels, activities and exclusive expierences.

3) Client feedback

4) Day by day detailed itinerary

5) Client feedback and finalization of confirmed services with deposit 30% or depending on services held (non-refundable rooms/ experiences) we will then confirm trip and send out a Destination pack

6) 60 day out meeting to prepare you for your trip, this will include items such as a packing list, visa reminder and request for final payment.

7) Travel

8) Customer Care call or visit from one of our team while on your trip

9) Feedback call and Review requestspecifies

T&Cs *B2B partners terms superceed below

Bookings shall include the total domestic package; These will include all services from your arrival in our beutiful region through to departure these can include, hotels, transfers, internal flights, guides, activites and other special services. We insist on this so we are able to ensure only the highest quality of service throughout your entire trip. If you have a particular hotel or service in mind please let us know at the time of consultation and we will do our best to include it or suggest a trusted alternative.


After an initial consultation or trip discussion to determine your requirements we will send a detailed itinerary and quotation for approval. After which, a non-refundable deposit of 30% of total trip cost is required to confirm your tour. Please note that the full balance, as indicated on our confirmation which will be sent to you, is due 60 days before your departure date. If you are booking within 60 days of your departure date the full amount is due when booking. Failure to pay by the due date could be considered as a cancellation on your part and we reserve the right to impose cancellation charges as detailed below (These are default conditions unless you have a predetermined, overriding agreement with us)


Notice of cancellation of your holiday by you once it has been confirmed must be in writing to us.

Any amendment charges that arose before the cancellation, and any deposits paid for any pre-booked items or services will still be payable.

If we cancel your holiday you will receive a full refund of all monies paid to us.

Deposits are non-refundable.

Land & internal air cancellation fees apply.

In addition cancellation fees per person/ per trip.


We ask that you must have your own travel insurance. For itineraries going to remote locations or involving higher risk activities we may ask you to sign a waiver.


Although it is our intention to operate the itinerary as detailed in the proposal, we cannot be held responsible for any last minute changes made as a result of climatic conditions, alterations to flight schedules or other operational factors on the ground. Any special products / exclusive visits will be confirmed at the time of booking and are subject to the avaiability of the hosts / experts at the time of booking.


Our core values reflect our dedication to the local Khmer community and minimal environmental impacts of our guests travelling through the country. We include a reusable water bottle per person. We also divert a portion of our profits towards the comunity projects Kouprey Adventures supports in rural locations. We encourage you to take a day ‘off the beaten path’ during your holiday to really get involved in a community project and make a difference, we are happy to offer you some options during your consultation, that way you can be sure your visit is having a positive impact.


Cambodia is now fully opened to fully vaccinated travellers with no testing requirements. However, during these testing times we will keep you regularly informed of any changes to the governents entry policies and we aim to offer full refunds with options to change the date of your booking multiple times for your piece of mind (subject to certain vendors policies, which we will notify you of prior to booking).